Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recycling Our Economy

Recycling might be good for our planet but it is also good for our economy. Recycling can save money due to the cheaper prices to make products from recycled goods. This cheap price to produce goods also means they can be sold for lower prices as well. This large number of goods that are not being produced due to the recycling means less waste that needs to go through landfills or incinerators. With recycling, everything can be used to its maximum potential, nothing is wasted, and such cost-effective practices not only save money, but the environment and our resources too. Recycling doesn’t stop at saving money. Recycling also creates new jobs. Recycling creates new business such as transporting, processing and selling recovered materials as well as companies that manufacture and distribute products made with recycled materials. When you recycle more jobs are created than when you just dispose of waste. Dumping 10,000 tons of waste in landfills only creates 6 jobs while recycling 10,000 tons of waste creates 36 jobs. In California, waste recycling and management rank higher on the economic and job creation scale comparable to the state’s entertainment industry. Through recycling, a mainstream industry comprising 5,300 business operations and employing more than 85,000 workers has been created in California. Overall, $4 billion in salaries, along with $10 billion worth of goods and services, is generated each year. If the United States continues to grow as a recycling country it will create many new jobs, save money, and helping our planet is nice too.

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  1. The idea of recycling is great thing. It’s good to use to maximum resources that we produce in our economy. I love the idea of putting lots of people into jobs. I love the idea of giving underprivileged Americans a job so that they might be able to feed their families at night. However, recycling as proven worthless in a multitude of ways. It’s actually a fact; recycling takes up a lot of energy in our economy. More energy is actually wasted than put to good use. I wouldn’t understand how much resources it takes to recycle let’s say a water bottle. It’s a good idea to use our resources to their potential, but not to the extent that it hurts the economy more. Resources are scarce, that I understand. But energy preservation is very important. And if we utilize our energy sources in inappropriate manners, we can do devastating things to economy.